Use spare cloud capacity to your advantage, smartly, with a full-blown SLA.

Auto-scaling Applications

Our super-intelligent solutions enable you to analyze and predict compute capacity trends, pricing, and interruption rates to utilize spot, reserved, and on-demand compute pricing models intelligently. You can reduce costs by up to 80% using a data-driven selection of the optimal cloud compute pricing models.


When integrated with your load balancer, our solutions automatically distribute workloads across multiple zones and excess capacity markets to ensure availability at minimum costs. The powerful analytics further predicts interruptions and acts proactively to replace instances beforehand.  


Our advanced scaling solution ensures your workloads are always up and running on the optimal blend of spot and on-demand instances apart from any available reserved capacity.

Serverless Kubernetes

Our solution use proven machine learning and automation to continuously determine and deploy the most balanced and cost-effective compute resources for your container clusters, from spot to reserved to on-demand. That saves you up to 80% on compute costs without manual resource planning and allocation.

They further provide container-driven, predictive auto-scaling of nodes to ensure that containers always have the resources they need to meet performance and availability requirements. This primarily means scaling up (and down) rapidly based on pod and task requirements, while configurable buffers of resources ensure that container workloads will immediately run whenever needed, and automatic and predictive instance replacement keeps applications up and running.

Reserved Capacity

We make sure that your cloud commitments are used effectively using our automated optimization. We reallocate unused reserved capacity to relevant instances running on-demand and leverage the AWS Marketplace to buy and sell excess reservations, so you achieve maximum ROI on your cloud purchases.


With our solution, you'll be able to free up DevOps and Finance from the time and effort required to analyze and plan for buying reserved capacity. The solutions combine continuous cloud monitoring and analysis with automation to implement optimal purchasing strategies, even in highly dynamic environments.

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Cracking AWS Compute Pricing Plans -Get the Best Fit for Your Technical Use Case